Participant Recruitment

Good research starts with diligent recruitment

If you are hiring our facilities or using our in-store eye tracking service we can recruit participants for you.

We have a wealth of experience in respondent recruitment through our sister business SimpleUsability and our full-time recruitment team will work closely with you throughout the project.

Highly skilled in recruiting for both B2B and B2C projects, we have a significant database of potential participants in major conurbations throughout the UK.

We can recruit to the tightest of briefs and encourage you to provide as comprehensive a recruitment brief as possible, including details of online behaviours, brand usage, geographic location as well as socio-demographic data.

Once recruited, we communicate with respondents frequently in the run up to the research, using text, email and phone calls to ensure consistently high attendance rates.

Using our on-site recruitment team means that your research days will run smoothly in our studios. We will be on-hand to help with any drop-outs and will do our very best to make sure respondents turn up on time. We always recommend that you over-recruit for your research and can advise on the best strategy for this.

Costs for participant recruitment:

  • prices start at £50 per person for standard recruitment.
  • If you’d like to recruit a harder-to-reach audience, we can quote accordingly.

Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs.