About Research Helper

Your opinion is important to us and our clients because we want to know what you think, so they can improve their products and services.

We run a variety of different projects needing everyday people to tell us what they think about things as diverse as holiday, supermarkets, local councils and clothes. We are looking for people from all walks of life and all age groups to give us their opinion on the subject in hand.

Most of our research takes place in our offices in central Leeds, which is only a ten minute walk from the train station. Although in the past we have set up a research booth in a more appropriate setting if the research demands, as well as visiting people in their homes.

Traditionally market research involved focus groups where a group of people would sit around and discuss their thoughts. We do things slightly differently here, focusing on you and your opinion. When you come and visit us we ask you to take part in various tasks and ask that you give us 100% honest feedback, which we can then deliver back to the client. We want to know how easy you found a certain task or if you simply understood the message the website, brochure etc. was meant to deliver.

Research Helper is a part of the SimpleUsability group which was established in 2001 aiming to help a variety of different clients improve their business by researching with real people who have real experiences.

All of the volunteers that have taken part in our various projects have commented on how respectful and trusting we are. We make a promise to you to keep all of your information confidential through the Data Protection Act. We will only use your comments for our own research and will not pass it to any third parties so you can be confident that your details will remain private. This will give you peace of mind to register and come and find out more.