Participant testimonials

Angela took part in Leeds (April 2017)
‘A straightforward process giving your opinion about a product or service, then receiving a cash payment at the end – result!’

Corinne took part in Leeds (March 2017)
‘I have just completed my first session in Leeds city centre and I was paid cash at the end. Good communication, relaxed atmosphere. Would definitely do research with them again’.

Sarah took part in Leeds (March 2017)
‘Great staff, very helpful and friendly, good communication and instructions. Offices are clean and tidy, with professional and helpful staff’.

Gina took Part in Leeds (March 2017)
‘The building was easy to find and there is parking outside. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel at ease during the research. I would definitely do research with them again and recommend signing up’.

Kerry took part in Leeds (March 2017)
‘A really relaxed environment, a lovely building to be in and great staff. I would highly recommend’.

Kelly took part in Leeds (February 2017)
‘Lovely, helpful and friendly staff. The whole experience was straightforward and professional. The building was clean and well presented. I’d definitely recommend Research Helper. They are very easy to work with and make good, clear contact, with what’s expected’.

Ian took part in Nottingham (July 2016)
‘The selection process was easy, no hassle, and during my session I felt very relaxed. The researcher was very friendly and everything was explained clearly to me’

Paul took part in Leeds (July 2015)

‘I have never done anything like this before, but enjoyed the experience. The researcher was very welcoming and put me at ease. If I didn’t understand something the researcher would advise me, and I could stop anytime for a break’.

David took part in Leeds (July 2015)
‘Research Helper was easy to find with the bonus of free parking. It was the first time I’ve done anything like this, but I felt relaxed and everyone was really friendly. In my session I was given clear instructions which were easy to follow’.

Sheree took part in Leeds (August 2015)
‘The communication between myself and Research Helper was excellent and I was given all the information I needed. The location is perfect. The staff were very friendly; they gave instructions very precisely and I felt comfortable with asking questions. I would recommend to friends to try this out for themselves!’

Louise took part in Leeds (May 2015)
‘During my session the researcher made me feel comfortable. I understood the tasks which were given; the researcher explained them to me and showed me a card which had the question written down’.

Stefan took part in Leeds (May 2015)
‘The selection process was friendly and professional with a helpful text/email reminder. I was made to feel welcome for what proved a relaxed but purposeful session. The researcher had a positive friendly attitude and my opinions were valued. It was easy to understand what was required’.

Caroline took part in Leeds (April 2015)
‘The location was ideal for either public transport or using own vehicle. During my session I was made to feel at ease and everything was explained in great detail’.

Judith took part in Leeds (May 2015)
‘The selection process was very well organised and efficient. The directions were clear and even parking was easy. When I arrived I was made to feel welcome. I was curious about the research but never felt anxious or uncomfortable. The researcher was very clear in her questions’.