Technology Hire

We have a range of eye tracking technology that you can hire when booking our research studios in Leeds or for use in-store. Our team have been using eye trackers since 2005. All eye tracker hire comes with technical assistance, giving you expert guidance on how to gather the data you require. With eye tracking there are two essential parts to a project – collecting the data and then the analysis/visualisation of the data.

In-store eye tracking

Using our High Definition eye tracking glasses from Tobii, we can provide in-store / retail environment eye tracking for fixture research and shopper behaviour studies. Research agencies typically use this service to gather footage of natural shopper behaviour, showing where consumers look as they shop. Post data collection, we can provide analysis that maps fixations onto fixtures from all shoppers in the sessions. This is quite a manual process and usually agree a time limit on data analysis upon agreement of a project.

  • One day of in-store eye tracking, with onsite technical assistance : £1,950 per day
  • Analysis of eye tracking data (converting raw data into heatmaps and data tables) :  £850 per day

(agreed travel expenses will be passed on at cost) 

In-store eye tracking

Example footage from in-store eye tracking. Note the high quality of the recording – allowing you to easily read the labels on the packaging.

In-store Heatmap Example
In-store eye tracking

Visualisation of where shoppers looked when passing this fixture. Red shows where on the aisle got the most attention.