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The research we do

There are opportunities to take part in paid research with Research Helper projects across the UK. You don't need any special equipment or qualifications to take part and we welcome people from anywhere to be part of our UK-wide market research community.

Where do research sessions happen?

Face-to-face research

You’ll be invited to meet with one of our researchers at a location near you. Whether it’s our dedicated research facility in Leeds, a hotel or venue near you, or a public place like a shop or train station – we’ll always make sure you know exactly how to get there and give you a warm welcome when you arrive.

Online research (sometimes called remote research)

Online sessions offer the flexibility of being able to take part in research from the comfort of your own home. All you need is access to a computer, tablet or smartphone!

Research sessions are conducted online via a video call. Most of our online research is carried out using Zoom or Teams and can be joined through your usual web browser. You don’t need to be a technical expert, our friendly team will help you get everything set up and working and will guide you through any research sessions you take part in.

What type of research do we do?

Usability research

A young man taking part in moderated UX / usability research

Our researchers will ask you to use a website or mobile app and ask you a few questions about your experience.

Usability research can be done in person or online and helps companies and designers to understand how to improve digital products and services so that they’re easier for everyone to use.

Sessions are usually between 30mins and an hour, and they are great fun to take part in.

Read more about paid usability research.

Unmoderated usability research

Someone taking part in an unmoderated usability research session

Like usability research, you’ll be asked to use a website or mobile app, but instead of having a conversation with one of our researchers, the tasks are sent to you via a website or app and you just complete them in your own time.

There will be a couple of questions to answer about your experience, usually as a short online survey.

Tasks can take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Telephone interviews


Who doesn’t love a chat on the phone? Telephone interviews offer a quick and convenient way to take part in research.

You don't need any special equipment; our team will simply call you at a pre-arranged time on your mobile or landline telephone.

The average telephone research session takes just 20 minutes.

Read more about paid telephone interviews.

Focus Groups

Three women taking part in a focus group discussion

Another fun way to take part in research. You’ll take part either in person, or online and will be invited to talk in a group around a certain product, service or subject.

Often the researcher will be interested in your previous experiences, but sometimes you’ll be asked to tell us what you think about something new.

Read more about taking part in paid focus groups.

Professional / business research

A business professional taking part in a moderated research session

We often need professionals to help us with research that relates directly to your job or your business to improve both private and public sector services.

Doing research with people who ultimately use or need a service is paramount in ensuring that they efficiently and effectively do what they need to.

Accessibility and assistive technology testing

A man with a visual impairment taking part in assistive technology testing on his phone

Helping companies and organisations to make services that work for everyone, is incredibly important to us. So, we do research with people that use assistive technologies to help them access digital services, with all kinds of different physical and cognitive abilities and lived experiences like:

  • Sight impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Different physical abilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Apergers
  • Autism
  • And ADHD.

So if you use something a little bit different like a screen reader, screen magnifier, speech recognition software or are someone who uses keyboard-only, a specially designed mouse or other input device; we’d really love you to become a research helper.

Diary studies

A research participant filling in a diary study

When we want to understand what people do or think over a period of time, we’ll do what’s called a diary study.

Like other types of research, you may be asked to take part in surveys, interviews and focus groups. The difference is, we’ll ask you to do more than one, or to tell us how and when you do something (and what your experience was like). For example, we might ask you to fill out a questionnaire every time you purchase food in a given week; either as part of your grocery shop, take away and eating out.

At the end of the week, you might be asked to take part in another type of research such as a focus group or telephone interview.

Online surveys

A woman looking at a laptop and taking an online survey

Surveys are the easiest way to get involved in research!

We will send you a link to a survey via email or text and you simply answer the questions through your computer or smartphone.

Read more about taking part in paid online surveys.

What our Research Helpers say...

A straightforward process giving your opinion about a product or service, then receiving a cash payment at the end – result!

AngelaResearch Helper

The staff were very friendly and welcoming. I felt at ease and the session went very smoothly. I enjoyed it and felt my feedback was valued. And I got paid for it! Would definitely come back and would recommend it to friends.

SteveResearch Helper

The selection process was easy, no hassle, and during my session I felt very relaxed. The researcher was very friendly and everything was explained clearly to me.

IanResearch Helper

The research I took part was really well organised and I felt as though my input was genuinely appreciated. I’d love to help them again.

SimonResearch Helper

The location was ideal for either public transport or using own vehicle. During my session I was made to feel at ease and everything was explained in great detail.

CarolineResearch Helper

Want to take part in paid research? Become a Research Helper today!